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With Umbra Insurance you can compare insurance quotes side-by-side. Understanding your insurance options in the Las Vegas market can be difficult. By allowing Umbra Insurance to represent your interest, you will put yourself on the forefront of innovation and technology. Being able to compare your insurance rates in a showcase of options, you can rest assured that your price and coverage requirements will be met exceedingly well. We ensure your needs by placing your quote options with America’s leading A+ and A++ providers.

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Umbra is an insurance brokerage that takes your personal and/or business information and shops it through upwards of 20 of America’s leading insurance providers to make sure you get the best rate, coverage and options possible.

We are not your insurance provider, but more so an intermediary between you and the insurance companies. This gives our clients the advantage of comparatively seeing and speaking about companies who compete for their business going over coverage options, discounts, and premium cost. This is what truly allows our clients to make an informed buying decision.

#InsuranceIsBoring but we make it as fun, easy and stress free as possible. In the beginning our primary focus is to find out what coverage you truly need to fully protect your assets and loved ones. This may be done via an in office or phone consultation, or you can submit an online quote and we will follow up with you directly.

If you have questions on what type of insurance options exist for your needs, visit our Products page.

Once we submit your request to the proper carriers we will then be able to get a snapshot of all of your options. We will make any necessary tweaks along the way to help you select a quote and turn it into an actual policy.

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