Umbra Insurance

When it comes to insurance, Think Umbra

Umbra Insurance offers the advantage of getting a secure and easy online quote from your mobile phone or from your home computer. Understanding your insurance options in the Las Vegas market can be quite daunting. By allowing an Umbra Broker to represent your best interest to America's leading A+ insurance providers you can rest assured that your needs will be exceedingly met. Once you submit an online quote it will be routed to a broker who will personally handle all of your policy needs and request from start to finish. Understanding who you are plays a huge roll in giving our clients the above average customer service they deserve. With over 20+ rated insurance companies on our roster, we will personally work with you to customize an insurance package that is exclusive to your needs.


You'll find a wide range of coverage options for anything you ride under Auto.

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Owners, renters, buyers welcome. Find anything related to covering a residence here.

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Covering your business stars here. Auto, store front, workers comp and more.

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Expert Guidance

Umbra Insurance leads a staff of experienced professionals who will manage your policy and keep you up to date with your 6 month or 12 month renewal options. Having direct access to your personal broker helps keeps in the loop with how your policy is working for you. Umbra works to help improve your overall experience by partnering with America's leading insurance providers taking the quality of customer support beyond our in house team of brokers. You will be backed by companies that that have a proven track record in the world of excellent customer service. Often times when we speak with consumers, they are unsure what they are paying for when it comes to insurance. We are dedicated to making sure you fully understand your insurance quote allowing you to make a conscious buying decision. Starting with Umbra Insurance is the perfect stepping stone to get you the best coverage on the market. Put yourself on the forefront of innovation and technology when it comes to getting both an insurance quote and the protection you, your family, or your business needs. When you think insurance "Think Umbra".

Our Mission

Providing Nevadans better options through America's leading A+ insurers.